About Us


Local Labor Guide (LLG) based in Charlotte, NC was founded to provide employers with a local, streamlined process for finding the right workers.  Many employers find it difficult to find the right people for their business.  While there are a great number of large online job resources available to employers, they find they receive a high percentage of the wrong candidates and tend to better align to more white collar, college educated positions rather than working class labor positions.  


LLG has developed a specific strategy built for employers seeking blue-collar and entry-level, hourly workers.  By taking a proactive approach to target the ideal candidate for each individual position, LLG is able to connect employers with the correct labor force they seek, minimizing the time and expense involved in filling the process.  We work within a local market so both the employers and potential candidates are matched locally.  


Our ownership group consists of over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience in both the print and digital space.  This background and overall experience has helped tailor the model to meet the needs of businesses in these labor centric industries as well as the demographics of job seekers who would be seeking these types employment opportunities.  


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