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Job Description

Criteria for classification in the Lineman Development Program for Lineman.

These positions form a regular progression of training and experience, with each step through the position of Journeyman Lineman being accumulative of all previous steps. If a Lineman cannot be advanced to the next step in the Lineman Development Program, the individual may be continued in his/her present classification for an additional period not to exceed 6 months, provided there are indications that future training and experience can lead to advancement. At the end of this time, if advancement has not been made, one of the following actions must take place:

A. Transfer to another job in the Cooperative, providing the employee has necessary qualifications and an opening exists; or

B. Dismissal without prejudice.

Training time credit may be given to an individual at the time of initial employment for previous experience as Lineman. Should it be determined between time of employment and six months of employment that an individual's skills do not meet standards set within the Cooperative we will refer back to items A & B.

All activities to these positions relate to one specific objective ‑ the provision of the specialized craft skills necessary for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a reliable electric system for the benefit of the member/consumer.

The Lineman will have the full authority to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their respective positions, in conformity with established policies and procedures.

This position is accountable to the Region Line Manager and higher management of the Cooperative at all times for the efficient performance of individual responsibilities.

The Lineman shall be available for overtime during emergency situations.

Responsible for:

The Lineman shall be responsible for assuring maximum results in providing efficient and reliable service in power line construction, operations and maintenance.

Key Accountabilities & Duties:

· Provide the specialized technical skills necessary for the construction, operations and maintenance of a reliable electric system for the benefit of the member/consumer.

· Make recommendations for changes needed to improve the operations of assigned department as it relates to the position of Apprentice Lineman, Lineman and Journeyman Lineman.

· Carry out emergency service restoration duties that will require after-hours availability or extended work hours over several days.

· Coordinate and cooperate with other personnel in performing assigned responsibilities.

· When assigned a service function, assume the responsibility and authority and act accordingly to restore electric service in the event of an emergency.

· Observe all safety rules and regulations adopted by the Cooperative.

· Observe all work rules adopted by the Cooperative.

· Assist Region Line Manager in the implementation of position objectives.

LINEMAN (5th Year)

A Lineman shall be a fully competent Lineman in every respect. No Lineman shall be promoted to Journeyman Lineman until he/she has met all of the criteria listed below. Before advancement, he/she shall demonstrate that he/she has developed the skills and acquired the knowledge expected of a Journeyman Lineman.

· Nature of Work ‑ The Lineman shall function as an active Lineman in every respect.

· Line Conditions ‑ The Lineman is expected to be able to perform all kinds of routine and emergency line work without the necessity of direct supervision.

· Materials and Equipment ‑ The Lineman shall be expected to perform any and all of the duties of his/her previous positions in an exemplary and highly competent manner.

· Safety Practices and Training ‑ The Lineman will routinely perform work of a more complex and hazardous nature than an Apprentice Lineman 4. He/she will take an active role in training Apprentice Linemen.

· Electrical Theory ‑ The Lineman will be familiar with theories of voltage regulation, fault current, and coordination of line protection devices in order to perform his/her responsibilities in emergency and on‑call work. He/she must also be able to apply theory to his/her knowledge in the sizing of single-phase transformers (calculating transformer loads).

· Electrical Operations ‑ He/she must be completely familiar with the feeds of all transmission and distribution lines and the operation of all substations and switching stations in his/her region.

· Records, Reports, and Related Information ‑ The Lineman must be highly knowledgeable and proficient in the use and application of all forms, records, and reports required.

· Supervision and Related Assignments ‑ The Lineman is under the general supervision of the Regional Line Manager and the direction of the Crew Leader of the crew to which assigned. He/she may also be expected to fulfill (and must be able to fulfill) the responsibilities of the position of Crew Leader for short periods of time without full promotion. He/she may be made responsible on a continuing basis for an On‑Call Crew, in place of a Crew Leader.

· Attitude - The behavior of the Lineman must be such that it reflects an attitude toward his/her work and the Cooperative's efforts that will enhance the constructive progress of the organization. The Lineman is in a position of informal leadership, and as such, his/her work must set an example in efficiency and safety for all other Linemen and Apprentice Linemen.

EDUCATION ‑ Must be high school graduate or equivalent. Must have legible handwriting and be able to read comprehensively.

EXPERIENCE ‑ Experience with an electric utility highly desirable.

KNOWLEDGE ‑ Knowledge of the operations of electric utility is highly desirable.

ATTITUDE – Must have a positive, open mind and considerate attitude toward the responsibilities of the position. Must be a self‑starter; must have attitude of neatness, orderliness and accuracy toward the job; and must possess attentive attitude toward safety on the job.

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS – Must have pleasing personality. Must be able and willing to work and get along with others. Must be able to present and work with public in a pleasant, courteous manner. Must have highest personal integrity and have a sense of accuracy toward record keeping.

ABILITIES AND SKILLS ‑ Must have the ability to make sound decisions from observations and carry out instructions. Climbing skills are highly desirable. Must have North Carolina Commercial Driver's License - Class A or be able to attain one in 90 days with good driving record. Must have the ability to be responsible for the supervised work assignment and work safety.

GENERAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS - Lifting and moving weights in excess of 100 pounds is frequently required. Position requires the individual to be capable of stooping, bending, reaching, climbing and grasping and frequently walk long distances. The position requires walking in all types of terrain, sitting, standing, and driving/riding in vehicle. Good hand to eye coordination is necessary as is the ability to read electronic displays and screens, printed materials, and maps.


Job Requirements
WORK REQUIREMENTS: Some overtime work will be required. Will be expected to pull on-call duty after becoming familiar with the Region and must be available for emergency work during all weather conditions. All employees who are subject to “on-call” duty must live within twenty (20) miles radius from their respective assigned district, regional or headquarters, with the exception of those “on-call” employees who have been approved with remote capabilities must make their domicile within one of the nineteen counties served by the Cooperative.

SAFETY - Performs all assignments safely assuring compliance with all Safety related rules, regulations and policies.

*EnergyUnited Propane is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status. *